Paint Samples

Here are a few of the paint samples we splashed on the side of the house. Many of the shades of green did not turn out as expected -- I've found that greens especially are hard for me to gauge in the store. Hence the need for samples!

In other news, kitchen things are happening! My father-in-law is working at our house today, overseeing the concrete crew as they fill the Arxx foundation under the kitchen. I will be so thrilled when we won't have to worry about anything collapsing anymore. Sad but true.

We have also contacted our favorite go-to carpenters, who said they would make time to squeeze us in as soon as we are ready -- even as soon as next Monday if we want. We try to do most work ourselves when possible, but when it comes to structural tasks (like, say, reframing the kitchen and installing 2nd floor joists) we hire pros to make sure it's done right. Bonus: they work about 100x faster than we ever could.

Prepare for takeoff.


  1. Emily Kate:

    How exciting ! Ok now that green on the left reminds me of 1970. Trust me, I was there. The green on the right is very nice and remmeber, I'm a fan of all things red. Check my site and see the red barn. If you happen to fancy the red, I can offer you the inside track on "Barn Red" paint. Tractor Supply sells this same paint we used on the barn in 5 gallon buckets. This stuff goes on and covers with one, and only one coat ! We're talkin' raw and unfinished wood, one coat. Outstanding work and time saver. And, if that weren't enough, all the paint you see on our barn was from one 5 gallon bucket. The paint is good, the coverage is good and the price is right. I think it's the same as your sample on the far right. So much for my sales pitch.

  2. Needless to say, that green on the left did not make the cut. Good tip on the paint, Mel! Does Tractor Supply come with any warrantees or anything?

  3. Well I vote you leave it painted like that. It will give those pesky neighbors something to stare at besides your husband chopping trees down.

  4. Congratulations spammy! That was S's favorite comment in the entire history of the blog!

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