"Every day we haul and scrub. We are becoming as parched as the hills around us. We have bought cleaning supplies, a new stove and fridge. With sawhorses and two planks we set up a kitchen counter. Although we must bring hot water from the bathroom in a plastic laundry pan, we have a surprisingly manageable kitchen... After long work, we eat everything in sight then tumble like field hands into bed." -Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun


I swiped a decrepit copy of this book from a shelf at the beach house we rented in Cape Cod last month. Aside from the fact that she's a writer/professor who renovates a house in Italy, the book is really nothing at all like the movie. I thought it was a little pretentious at times, but overall enjoyable. It's all about food, Italy and renovating a house. I could practically feel the renovators' remorse and taste the figs.

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