Early Birthday Presents

My birthday is this week. (Gross.) But when my parents visited on Saturday (and got their first taste of Second Chance), the early birthday gifts they brought made me a little less opposed to turning another year older.

The orange locker is from my old high school, salvaged during its recent renovation. No clue where that will go at this point, but it's awesome.

And that tall piece of metal next to it with the curled ends is an old meat hook found in my grandparents' basement. We think we'll use it in the kitchen to hang pots and other useful things. Awesome times 2. Thanks mom and dad!

These will be tough to beat, but if anyone else has any cool presents they want to give me, the line starts here.


  1. So cool! Great presents! Hope your actual birthday is just as fabulous!

  2. Man, they stole all of my ideas! You'll have to wait until next year now.

  3. Happy Birthday EK:

    So then, .... meat locker?

  4. Very cleaver, Mel.

    Jen, was your gift idea to visit? Cuz I got all excited that you might, then nothing happened. I hope I don't have to wait until next year for that.


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