Kitchen Demo

So we hoped to have the siding all painted by now, but unfortunately it has been raining like crazy for the past two weeks. (Renovation tip of the day: You can't paint the exterior of your house when it's raining.) Instead we did more work on the kitchen.

Believe it or not, even after filling 5 or 6 of those giant 30-yard dumpsters over the past two years, we still have some demolition to do around this place. We haven't finished it all yet because some of the things that need removing are actually helping to support part of the house. However, since the foundation work is in progress in the kitchen, it's time to get going with the demo because the floor needs to be poured soon!

Saturday we tore down the little room in the far corner of the kitchen, to the left of the brick fireplace (which I also fully uncovered and cleaned up over the weekend). Check it out in the photo below. It was an odd little room, and we really don't know what it was for.

This little room did unlock many cool treasures though. When we pulled up the floor boards, we found hundreds of glass bottles and various other junk stashed in the dirt under it. I saved all the bottles that were still in tact -- one of which may be worth enough to buy the bar stools we want! My camera battery died so I didn't get to take any photos of our treasures in situ, but I will dedicate an entire post to them later. Perhaps a long-gone previous owner operated a little dispensary out of this room, because most of the bottles were medicinal. I wonder if I could research that somehow...

Anyway, according to the handy dandy kitchen floor plan we put together, this is the area where the stove and wall oven will go. I'm so excited I can almost taste it!


  1. Wow! Finds like that during home renos are the best. I hope you have lots and lots of blog posts showing us what you found!

  2. Finding those bottles is so cool. Can't wait for your post on that.

  3. Emily Kate:

    Sorry about the rain. Is that a wood piece across the opening of your fire place?

  4. Thanks ladies, I'll definitely post on them -- and I have a little project in mind for potentially using some of them in the kitchen!

    Mel - Yes, that is wood. It had been well plastered over, which I guess protected it from the fire. I had thought it was just a board, but after I chipped off all the plaster I discovered that it's quite a thick and hefty chunk of wood. It will look quite nice all cleaned up and restored!

  5. this is one of the main reasons i want to find a very old house and gut it...all the fun things you can find in the walls and the floors. we found some pretty funny kid drawings and swear words written on walls when we redid our first house (built in 1973). makes me want to put something in the wall of my current house for a future owner to find. like a time capsule! :)


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