Log Progress: So Stinking Close!

Check it out! We have some pretty logs. And lots of things to climb on, apparently.

Our ol' buddy Chris has been hard at work on our exterior logs lately. Actually, the logs themselves have been done for awhile; the chinking (the stuff in between the logs) is what's still in progress. (I've watched him do it, and it's more of an art than a trade I think.) He's almost done - just a few spaces in the upper right area still to go. He also had to frame out the upper window, which we tried to match as closely as possible to the lower windows.

The color is a little more "tan" than we originally intended, but it's growing on me and I think I will like it even better when the board and batten siding is actually painted its intended color instead of being so darned blindingly white. (It seriously hurts your eyes when the sun reflects off it. I'm sure it can be seen from space.)

And just for fun, here is the same view almost 2 years ago:

I think we can safely say it looks improved. Yard cleanup is still somewhat of a problem, but even that is getting less embarrassing. That's kinda the goal these days -- instead of "Barbie Dream House" we're going for "less and less embarrassing all the time."


  1. ha ha, less embarrassing is always a worthy goal. that's where we are with our landscaping. we figure plain dirt is better than weeds...and maybe next year we'll have actual grass!
    it looks really nice though - definitely a huge improvement from 2 years ago!

  2. Wow, it's coming together nicely! It's beautiful actually. I can't wait to see what it will look like painted...completely different I'm sure. Props to you guys on your hard work!

  3. What are you using for your chinking? Trying to decide the best way to go gave us no end of agony, but our contractor and stonemason took us out of our misery by deciding on their own to do it old school with Portland cement. I hope we don't regret it come winter.

  4. Hi John! We are using Permachink, which was highly recommended to us by our log man and close friend Chris. Chris's grandfather is one of the top log home restorers in the mid-Atlantic and that's what he uses. (Seriously, someone two states away asked who we were consulting on our log restoration, and they knew the guy and said he was the best! Small world.) So we trusted his opinions, and so far we're very happy. On the other hand we have another friend who used old school cement and painted it white, and it has lasted many years with no problems.

  5. man that's an iimpressive structure. you lucky things - what a brilliant project. look forward to seeing more!


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