Mismatched Chairs

It's not my general practice to simply repost things I've just seen on other blogs the day before (what's the point?) but today I make an exception since kitchens are on the brain:

According to Remodelista, this image is from the new IKEA catalog -- which I haven't received yet but am now eagerly anticipating since this picture caught my eye. I have no idea what they're selling here; some shelving definitely, a pot rack and maybe some dishes. (If those hanging pendant lights are a new offering, I may be making a little jaunt into Baltimore soon to check them out.)

Remodelista's post focused on the beautiful unhemmed linen table cloth, which I love. The chairs are what jumped out at me, as lately I've been trying to convince S that old mismatched wooden chairs are the way to go for our (future) dining room. This is the perfect example of what I have in mind. I think it looks sophisticated in a way, but totally unpretentious in another since single, mismatched wooden chairs would be easier to find (and way more affordable) than a full matching set.

S doesn't seem to be quite convinced yet, but says he's fine with mismatched chairs painted the same color, like this:

I think that's a pretty sweet look too, if you pick the right color. Especially if you have kids. But I'm hoping the IKEA photo will win him over.

Okay enough about chairs. How are you? I'm so scattered and frighteningly busy lately that I feel out of the loop with everyone. Please drop me a line to let me know how you are!

N.B. I apologize for neglecting to post the source of this photo. It was originally from Living Etc.


  1. EK:

    Nice of you to ask. We're busy preparing for the 2011 Log Home Tour in June. (Our house will be on the tour) I'm building a bridge over the pond and had some of it dug out deeper. It's on the blog. I'm excited about your progress and now Janie reads your posts too.

  2. I like both ideas, in the right setting. I was going to do the second, until we found a great matching set of five chairs on Craigslist. I still may paint them... I just haven't decided. :-) Looking forward to more details. :-)

  3. Mel -- log home tour? Sounds awesome. Are you dong anything special to the house itself (decorating, etc.) in preparation?

    Jenny, I love Craigslist. I wish I could carve out more time to browse around and watch out for things. So many good deals to be had.

  4. This is funny because the 2008 IKEA catalog had a similar set up which inspired me to do the whole mismatched chairs idea, too!

    Our kitchen table/chairs set did not completely turn out the way we wanted it to, because nothing else lit us up while we were there. We have 4 chairs that match, and 2 other ones that match so we were close!

    A suggestion for you guys, check out the unfinished chairs at IKEA. We bough 4 plain pine chairs that I'm going to stain to match the 2 dark ones. They were only $19.99/ea for solid pine chairs! That's just a thought.

    Anyways, yay for mismatched chairs! :)

  5. I bought a set of 8 chairs here and there and painted them all bright red. I love them SO much and give my dining room some personality. And since my dining room is the first one you see in the house, it sets the tone for the rest of the place. :)


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