Slight Detour

Instead of working on the house on Saturday, even though the weather was finally perfect for painting, we took a little detour through the wilderness (and a lake and a mudhole) to do an "extreme 5K" called the Warrior Dash. It was so much fun I can hardly wait until next year.

Don't worry, it only looks like I wasn't wearing any pants. They're there somewhere, under the mud. Bonus: My skin glowed beautifully after that mud mask.


  1. I would have dusted u looks like fun. How long it take you. Maybe we come do it next year. See you in a few weeks

  2. Jas and I seriously want to come down for this next year. If I wouldn't have sprained my ankle a month ago, we probably would have done it because we were free last weekend. Did you do any special training? It looks like it was a blast. Pencil the Baney's in for 2011!


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