Coming Soon(?)

After waiting for (what feels like) two eternities, we finally got the permit to do the first concrete pour--which will provide much-needed structural support--in the kitchen. Can I get a woohoo? While this is not actual physical progress, it's a big step in the right direction after some recent frustrations.

After this first pour (date still TBD -- I know, ugh), the radiant heating and all that jazz goes in. Then -- then! -- we get to pour our long-awaited concrete floor. Which is supposed to look like this:

This is Tyler Florence's kitchen, via the FoodNetwork. The sheer amount of stuff on his countertop makes my brain hurt, but both S and I totally dig the floor. Isn't it beautiful in a brawny, working-man sort of way?


  1. That floor is beautiful, and unique as well. Can't wait to see the finished product in your house!

    P.S. Just saw my blog listed under your friend column, that made my day already!!

  2. EK:

    I like the concrete floor, will you be adding color to the mix?
    Very interesting roll-around cutting board-chopping block thingy in the picture. Looks old and very well built. Do you think it was originaly meant for a kitchen?

  3. I love that concrete floor, everything about it-mainly the color. When Jas and I have our "final" house, it's definitely going to have a concrete floor. I hate trying to keep tile and grout clean, and neither of us like the look of laminate/wood in the kitchen. It should be different than the rest of the house. That's why we think concrete works perfectly in the kitchen.

    I can't wait to see it finished! Is your floor going to be similar in color? Just think, your kids can rollerblade in there! :)

  4. Oooo... I REALLY like this. I would love concrete countertops someday, but I never thought about the floors. I really like the way the kitchen above has a curvy line between flooring types. Clever.

  5. Lace and Mel: That is pretty much exactly what ours is supposed to look like--color, patina, everything. I'm excited! We were going to do a more coppery color, but we worried about a color clash with the log stain.

    That island is pretty neat and different (and I'm sure pricey and custom), but again-- SO MUCH STUFF ON IT. I'm sure I'd end up throwing one of those pepper mills through the window the 10th or 11th time it fell off!

  6. I love radiant heat! My dream house would have radiant heat everywhere powered by a geothermal heat pump.

    I love the floor color too. So pretty!

  7. I just mentioned your apple crate shelves in a blog post and most definitely gave you credit. Just wanted to let you know.


    Thanks for the inspiration! :)


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