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I was doing a little googling about industrial sinks over the weekend, and I stumbled on a fun blog called "There, I Fixed It" that features redneck repairs and epically botched fixes. Such as this awesomely rigged sink, for example. Genius (if you like sitting down while you wash dishes.)

And look! Another great use for old pallets.

I had a lot of fun poking around this blog. Sadly, a lot of the posts reminded me of the not-so-charming quirks -- referred to as "improvements" by the previous owner -- we've discovered throughout our renovation. Like metal shelving used as floor joists, and a towel jammed into a corner (then drywalled over) to plug a leak in the roof.

Another great place to boost your DIY self-esteem is the Home Inspection Nightmares section on thisoldhouse.com, complete with tons of photo galleries featuring hilariously bad home improvement decisions made by people like you and me. Except we're a few IQ points smarter... most days.

Today was the first day I had to scrape my windshield this season, so I felt the need to share something fun. Happy reading!

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