Last leaves.

We had a major storm this week that swept the last of the leaves off all the trees--except for this one, perched on the side of a hill on the campus where I work. It has some of the fieriest red leaves I've ever seen, and they stand out even more because it's the only tree around that has any leaves left at all. Surely this tree is a symbol of something.

Though I do love autumn leaves and falling snow and wool winter coats, I don't really like cold weather or long stretches of darkness. Those things, too, have their symbolic significance--and none of it is good.

So this beautiful tree and I are hanging onto whatever we have left of milder weather for as long as we can. I'm hoping that the holidays will provide enough warmth of spirit that I won't notice how perpetually cold my hands and feet are.


  1. ooh I love those trees. We have a few down here that are still clinging on, but I'm not looking forward to the months of bare trees and dead grass...

  2. That photo is amazing! It's spring here so we're getting excited about the leaves returning as you watch yours fall.


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