Down a Country Lane

What's that trough emerging in the front yard, you ask?

It's a driveway! Well, not yet exactly, but it will be soon. Back in June I described the process of getting the front yard ready for carving out the driveway, and I showed you S's little diagram of how it will loop in front of the house and have an arm extended to the garage at right. We're getting there.

It's still a little embarrassing for me to post pictures of the front of the house, but the point of the blog is to show our progress and the not-so-glamorous parts of home renovation. So here you go. Hopefully by spring the worst of it will be remedied. Once the driveway is carved and graveled and the grass is planted, things will start to look much less disastrous. In fact, it might look quite nice. (Can you imagine?)

The only downside is that we'll have a lot more mowing to do. But that's okay--the new driveway will allow us to park much closer to the house, which means shorter walks with groceries and much less trudging through snow in the winter. I'll take it!

Speaking of winter, the past few days have been COLD here. We refused to turn on the heat, so we've been bundled up like papooses. I apologize in advance for how bad my mood will get when things really start getting cold. I need to take up knitting and hot cocoa drinking to get into the winter spirit soon. It's coming!

PS - FYI "Down a Country Lane" is an absolutely beautiful song by composer Aaron Copland. Listen to it here. It's not the best quality recording, but it's the best I could find to stream for free.


  1. I love the messy progress pictures - both because we have lots of those too, and because it means that the pretty ones are soon to follow! :-)

  2. I am hoping to use a minimum of grass (energy and water intensive) and more native plantings to preserve habitat. One such initiative in the Chesapeake Bay area is called bayscaping (e.g., http://www.acb-online.org/pubs/projects/deliverables-85-8-2003.PDF), but there are others out there as well.

  3. just saw one of today's desire to inspire posts, and it made me think of your kitchen project: http://www.desiretoinspire.net/blog/2010/11/5/reader-request-industrial-kitchens.html =)


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