I smell a splurge...

Earlier this year I blogged about how this bedroom is very close to how I envision our future master bedroom: wood paneled walls, high cathedral ceiling, canopy bed, and lots and lots of white.

Source:  Long Island architect/interior designer Steve Gambrel

Our master bedroom will have two exposed log walls and an exposed brick chimney though--which will change the overall look a bit. Less traditional and more rustic, but still open and airy. I get giddy thinking about future Saturday mornings in this room.

Right now our master suite is just a gutted shell that is patiently waiting for us to dive in and work on it. The bedroom won't be a very hard project, so I'm actually looking forward to the manual labor part of it. The kitchen comes first though, so unfortunately my dream bedroom is nowhere close to reaching the top of the priority list. However, that gives me ample time to save up for this:

This is the knobworks "Scholar" doorknob, hand turned in burled cherry. How fantastic would this look on a white, glass-paned door in a mostly white room? I think it would play beautifully off of the log walls. To me, it looks so refined in an "old library" sort of way. Scholar really is the perfect name for the design.

I discovered knobworks via the Brown Alumni Magazine's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide. There are some seriously beautiful hand turned wood, blown glass and milled brass options to choose from. Prices start at $150, so I'll need to save a lot of pennies over a long period before taking the plunge to buy one. We buy almost everything for our house at auction or secondhand, so this would be an indulgence to a degree I'm not really accustomed to. (I would ask you to send any spare change my way, but you should keep it for the Salvation Army Kettle!) Splurging to support a fellow alum might take away some of the guilty feelings though.

Regardless, beautiful. Well done, knobworks! I hope to see more of you in the future...

PS - Click here to see some old pictures of our master suite in its current state. Not much has changed since these were taken nearly two years ago! Yikes!


  1. I suspect it will be totally fabulous. If you get discouraged, just think about Monticello - it was under construction for decades. So by contrast, you'll be done in absolutely no time!

    Oh, gorgeous doorknobs. Gorgeous. Great find.

  2. Oh, it's lovely. And it seems like a sweet secret to know that someone carved it by hand. I hope you'll get one for yourself.


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