Merry Christmas!

This is me, circa 1985, wishing you a downright worrisome amount of joy and happiness this Christmas! 

Grace and peace to you and your loved ones, and safe travels to all who will be journeying to faraway places. I, for one, am very excited about some quality family time this weekend. 

See you next week!

PS - Seriously mom, why do I look so concerned in this picture?


  1. SOMEONE wasn't spoiled at ALL :)

  2. This actually might be the Christmas that I came into the room and shouted, "MINE!" when I saw the presents. I was a greedy little soul. My parents recorded our Christmases on cassette tape, and I'm sure they still have that one somewhere. A gem for sure.

  3. I suspect the expression of concern was in reaction to finding out that no, not all of these gifts were yours, despite your pronouncement of "Mine!"-- Mom

  4. aw, isn't your worried little face adorable! i was always convinced that if I didn't get up before my sister, she would switch presents from Santa to suit her own wishes. my mom, of course, found my theory hilarious. but i was very worried.
    merry christmas to you and your family!


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