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I was planning to pull together a holiday playlist from a bunch of different artists for your enjoyment, but this year everyone else's attempts seem weak to me compared to what Sufjan Stevens has done to Christmas music. I really think he breathes new life into carols we've known forever, and his originals are beautiful and intimate.

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Hence, this all-Sufjan playlist of Christmas songs and winter tunes. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. (I don't think there's a lot of Sufjan fans in my readership, so you guys have to give at least two full songs a try before you decide it's not for you! It's a rule!)

These songs have been playing in the background of almost everything I've been doing lately, from working way too many hours to folding laundry.

Happy listening!


  1. Love Sufjan! Have you heard the All Delighted People EP? It's incredible!

  2. Yes yes yes! And I am even digging Age of Adz -- it's not exactly easy listening, but so mindblowing.

  3. LOVE Sufjan. How did I not know about a holiday album?! Thanks for posting!


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