Rug Love.

I sort of love this rug. I don't need any rugs right now (not with all the mess happening around here), but if I did this one would be in consideration. Isn't it kinda fun without being too childish? I can see it as the center of attention in a minimalist space.

The 5x7 size is $162 at Overstock. Does anyone ever buy anything from Overstock? I always look but have never bought anything. The prices are usually good but I worry about the quality. Are there any Overstock fans out there?


  1. i LOVE Overstock. When we were building our house, I used them as a frequent resource for lighting, hardware, lamps, etc. I have also purchased sheets and a duvet cover from them. I tend to read the reviews and go by those. But they are really great with returns if the item you order isn't quite what you're hoping.
    i really like that rug - colorful without being too bold (and a great price!).

  2. I really like that rug too. I'm a big fan of patterns of that genre. I've only made 1 purchase at Overstock and the quality of the item was good, although the color was off - not quite as pictured. But not bad enough to make me go to the trouble to send it back.

  3. The rug is really nice. I've had great luck with Overstock and they are really good about returns, which is a nice perk.

  4. I've bought plenty of things from the O, great delivery, great quality. Bought a rug myself and we love it. You do have to be wary of how the colors come across your computer versus real life.

  5. I use O all the time and have never been disappointed. Got my featherbed and down comforter from O and it's the most luxurious down comforter I've ever felt. My friend has bought her mattress and furniture from O.

  6. Overstock does rock. The shipping price cannot be beat.

    And now I love that rug too.


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