Christmas Nap.

S was going to join me for a Christmas afternoon nap at my parents' house on Saturday, but upon closer examination he found that the couch was already at capacity. (Scout is not allowed on the couch, but she managed to weasel her way in when I wasn't looking. And somehow my phone became my pillow.) The holidays can be exhausting.

All in all, I loved our Christmas. We spent some serious quality time with family, watched some movies (True Grit!), relaxed and gave/got some lovely presents. I wish it could've lasted longer, like Groundhog Day. But alas, we're home now and headed back to work tomorrow.

How was your Christmas? Is anyone else working this week, or is it just us?


  1. My husband is working, I'm not. :-) It would be so fun if he had the day off. We too had a great Christmas, but I am beyond exhausted. :-)

  2. I'm pretty sure Scout's butt is in your face.

  3. Jenny -- enjoy your time off! Watch a good chick flick while he's working.

    Linds -- most certainly. Rest assured that she does not care. As long as she is touching you with the most possible surface area, she is content.


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