Slate Entry.

I am in love with this simple entry I saw in designer Miles Redd's portfolio. I've been thinking for awhile that I need to paint a door black, but I haven't decided which one yet. And the black hardware is such a nice detail. (The only thing I'm lamenting here is the lack of a rug -- not very practical.)

What really caught my eye though is the slate tile. S and I are pretty set on having slate in our front entry area, and this is my favorite tile that I've seen so far. Does anyone know where I can find tile like this? I'm guessing it's quite expensive since they're so large, but I'd at least like to price it out.

We have already bought wood flooring for the dining room, which is adjacent to the entry area. (Check out the basic floor plan here.) All of a sudden I'm thinking we should consider running the tile through the dining room as well, instead of transitioning to the wood. That is, if the floor joists can hold that much weight -- and if we could afford it.

The walls are exposed log, so I think the tile would look nice in there. I'm just worried about how the two different types of flooring will meet up between the two rooms, since there's no actual "doorway" there to create a threshold. 

What do you think? Would slate seem too "cold" for a dining room? Even if that dining room had warm log walls and a rich wood table?

PS - I, too, am amazed that I managed to squeeze in an extra post before the holiday. Merry Christmas from my parents' house in Pennsylvania!

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  1. My sister in law has a slate kitchen floor. While it is cute and charming, it never, ever feels clean underfoot. I think because slate is softer, it is always eroding slightly underfoot. I'd have to see a picture, but I think you could get away with transitioning from slate to wood - it seems doable!