Simple Twisted Hanger Wreath

Now I'm not saying this wreath is a Christmas masterpiece, but I'm feeling proud of it because it was easy to make and 100% free. This week I was trying to think of what I had lying around to use to make a very simple wreath with some pine stuck in it. We have about a million wire hangers hangin' around thanks to the dry cleaner who keeps S's shirts looking crisp and professional, so hangers it was. I had grand plans to make it more elaborate and fabulously messy with lots of different sized loops, but bending the wire hurt my fingers so I gave up after the first layer.

I had thought this was my own original idea, but then I saw this wreath from Haus Interior on Remodelista today and realized I'm not so creative after all. Oh well -- I wasn't planning to get rich and famous from it. Does it look a little too country? It looks kind of country... Maybe if a stick pine all the way around that will help? I dunno. I'll keep playing with it. It's a work in progress but I still like it.

I clipped the pine from my neighbor Mort's giant pine tree when he wasn't looking. I guarantee he saw me anyway though. He is the self-appointed neighborhood watchman, and he needs no backup. If he makes a stink about it, I'll remind him that we honored his request (so far) not to plant any hedgerows or treelines between our properties so that he can ride his lawnmower through our yard to visit the neighbor.

And I don't know what you call the decor style happening in this corner of the living room. "Big 'ol mess" just about sums it up. We had to rearrange to make room for a hideously large new treadmill we just got, which doesn't help things at all. (Its eventual home will be in the garage, but there's no heat or electricity out there right now.) So in addition to this being our living room, it is also our kitchen and our gym. It's not the prettiest, but it's not that bad either. The kitchen situation stinks, but living in a smaller space isn't so bad.

Well this is more holiday decorating than I thought I'd do, so we're chalking this up to a win. Don't you love wins? Have a great weekend!


  1. Big win, I'd say. Totally fabulous idea. Simple and beyond charming. Don't get me wrong, I am completely all about sparkly at Christmas, but on the other end of the spectrum, the pure raw beauty of humble simplicity really captures the spirit of the season like nothing else. I'm appreciating that more and more.

    Anyway, good for you. Big win.

  2. Love it. Well done.
    What I love even more is that you live in a place where neighbours visit each other by tractor. Living in inner city Melbourne I'm very jealous.

  3. it looks like a beard

  4. Thanks Ladies!

    Ned, if it looks like a beard that means it has more hair than you. So there.

  5. I love it too! And to think, it cost you nothing to make. Those are the best things.

  6. Lovely throw blanket. Where is it from, if you don't mind me asking?

  7. Thanks Helena! The blanket is actually a wool shawl my friend brought me from China. Wish I knew more about it, but I'm guessing it was from a small market somewhere.


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