A deal and a delivery.

Lowe's recently had a really good sale on EnergyStar appliances, so we picked up a Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer for $399 each. S's parents have very similar models, and we like theirs a lot. They were delivered this morning! The sad thing is, we won't be able to use them for another few months. Talk about short-lived excitement.

We didn't get quite the crazy deal that the YoungHouseLove folks got (the GM at our Lowe's said he'd fire anyone who tried to discount them further!), but it was a good enough price since we knew we'd never get a better deal at an auction.

The plan is to install them in the back corner of the kitchen for awhile, then move them to our upstairs laundry room when it's finished. (If nothing else, we've learned that every room in the house can serve multiple purposes when needed.) So, here's one more reason why this kitchen needs to happen soon. I can't wait to do laundry in our own house...

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  1. Nice! I dream of a washer and dryer. I thought about getting one when they were on sale too. But a) we have no place to put them b) i really don't know how we are going to fit them through our tiny doorways....


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