Frozen Peeves.

I am having a slightly grumpy day today. It's probably from working too much and not sleeping enough. Go figure, that whole I'm-a-workaholic situation is greatly interfering with my overall happiness and wellbeing.

In case you're wondering, here's what's peeving me today:
  1. Frozen pipes. I was pretty cranky last night, so S suggested I sleep in this morning and abbreviate my morning routine to get a few extra winks. I thought, Yeah, I can surely go to the office looking like homeless person every once in awhile. Why not tomorrow? But when I woke up this morning, the pipes were frozen and I didn't have time to pack my stuff to head over to the in-laws' to use their water. So I got ready for work this morning using water from a jug. So today I look and smell like a homeless person.
  2. Trying to decipher the Nutrition Facts on a bag of popcorn. Please Act II, just tell me how many calories are in an entire bag. This whole popped vs. unpopped serving size mess you've got going just doesn't compute. (2 tbsp unpopped = 4 cups popped. Yet 2 tbsp unpopped = 160 calories. 1 cup popped = 30 calories. 4 cups x 30 = 120, not 160! Which is it?)
  3. Stepping on the end of an electrical cord in your bare feet. Ouch. Enough said.
  4. The stinkbug resurrection happening in our house. Apparently they've been hiding in our heating ducts, and now that we're (finally) living in a heated house like normal people they are re-emerging from their cold-weather naps. Yesterday I woke up and saw one crawling across the top of the headboard just a few inches from my face.  
  5. This blog post. For some reason the photo uploader function isn't working quite right, and trying to upload an image makes the whole blog flip out. (Does it looked messed up to you? Are all the sidebar items hovering at the bottom, or is that just my computer?)
But there's some excellent news to make it all better: Our kitchen permits have finally passed, so we are cleared to proceed! Now we have to wait for some concrete-pouring weather. Temperatures that freeze pipes aren't so friendly to freshly poured concrete. Come on, weather! Be nice!

Image source: preventfreezing.com


  1. Hope your day got better. Excited to see the progress on your kitchen, that is so fun!

  2. Isn't waiting the pits? Now that the holiday craziness is over, I am itching to start working on the basement again. Hope you get some warm weather soon!

  3. EK:

    Did someone "Triple-dog-dare-you"?

    I've been wondering about the progress on your kitchen. I thought maybe you were holding out on us followers, for some big "reveal" where you had it all finished.

    I'm betting that you're all covered up with snow too.


  4. This post made me laugh - especially the image of anyone trying to get adequately clean from a jug. Just think once your renovations are over and frozen pipes are a thing of the past...you'll have some VERY funny stories to laugh about. Though, I completely understand they aren't terribly funny while they are happening. :)
    Hang in there - January is half over!!

  5. Mel, oh how I wish that were the case!

    Thanks for the encouragement guys. It helps to laugh about things sometimes!

  6. We recently had frozen pipes for three hours and I cannot imagine the frustration if that were multiplied!

    And I am dying to see the kitchen progress.

    And OI linked to you on my blog today, thought you'd like to know.


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