Goodbye Couch.

Every male who has ever visited our house will probably shed a tear at this news, but we sold our big leather couch over the weekend.
It was a very comfortable couch, and extremely roomy, but I felt it was just too big and dark and clunky for our current space. It had been proportional in our huge, open plan apartment in Miami, but it made our living room at 3820 feel small. (I don't have many photos of it. The above picture was taken last winter, before we really settled into the newly finished living room--that's why it's so bare in there.)

S loved this couch to pieces, but he ended up being much more instrumental in getting rid of it than I was. He knew it wasn't really what I wanted, so he sweetly led the charge in selling it. (What a guy!) Fortunately, he'll get to sit on it again someday soon, because the buyer ended up being my brother. So S will be reunited with the couch every time we visit my bro and his family in Virginia.
As they were packing and loading it up this weekend, I was actually a little sad--especially for S. (I owe him one, but don't tell him!) But once it was out, it felt quite nice and airy in the living room. I was reminded once again that downsizing does feel good. I will miss its comfort and its many options for snuggling, but I will not miss its heaviness and overpowering presence. So the hunt for a new sofa resumes. Right now, we have our tiny little IKEA Klippan loveseat taking its place. (It's not great, but it's a place to sit.)
The main criteria for our new couch is that it's:
  • Long enough for S to lie on without hitting the armrests
  • Deep enough for comfy snuggling
  • Lighter in color but easily cleaned/spot-cleaned
S would also like for it to have squared arms or a more modern shape.

Sofas are a tough decision; nicer ones can be unbelievably pricey and it's a little tricky to find something we agree on. We definitely want quality, but we're determined to stick to a reasonable budget. We haven't settled on anything yet, so we have a lot of shopping to do. I will keep you posted on our hunt! Any good tips?


  1. Sofas ARE a difficult decision...I have always "liked" our sofa purchases but never really loved any of them. They are just so expensive like you said, at least to find something amazing. And we WEAR into sofas, so even if it is super expensive, it's not going to last us forever with 2 dogs and just not being careful people oursevles haha :) I'm not sure they would make a sofa long enough for Chris to lay on without being on the arm rest. Do they make 7 foot long sofas? He'd probably love that... just like he would love a bathtub big enough to fit him. We even have a big jetted tub but it's nowhere near big ENOUGH. So back to sofas- I like ones that recline!!

  2. Our sofa definitely would've been long enough for Chris. S almost had a whole cushion leftover at the end of it! This thing was ridiculously HUGE - about 10 feet long. Which is obscenely long!


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