Graham Sofa from Z Gallerie

I see Z Gallerie ads everywhere, so I decided to check out the sofa selection. And guess what?

They have a version of the sofa I really really like! Theirs is called the Graham Sofa, and it's only $1,099 -- half the price of the Crate & Barrel version. Plus, on top of that, there's currently a 10% off sale going on. I'm definitely going to be doing some comparing to see if this is an option. It seems almost too good to be true, so I'm cautiously optimistic about it. Here's hoping!

Anyone know anything about Z Gallerie? How's the quality?

UPDATE: We went to Z Gallerie. Thumbs down. We liked the style, but it felt cheap when you sat on it, and the linen wasn't very inviting. Now we know.


  1. I know nothing about zGallerie. :-) But I like that it is half the price! :-) I hope it works out for ya!

  2. Emily Kate:

    It's WHITE! Are you sure you're not just on the rebound from a black sofa? ;o)

  3. you get that i will have it dirty in like 10 of me visiting....just saying

  4. I have a white couch and two black dogs + a husband that works in construction. It CAN be done. :)
    Though, probably the only way it's done in my house is by having a removable & washable slipcover. Thank you, IKEA.
    I haven't heard anything about ZGallerie. Great looking couch though.

  5. Thank Goodness for the internet.... Here I was allllllll excited about finding this couch style at Zgallerie, as I have my eye on the C&B version... thinking this is too good to be true... "let me see if anyone out there has a review on this Z brand sofa".... this is exactly what I was looking for... C&B it is...

  6. Dear Anonymous-- So glad to be of help! I LOVE when I can find real opinions about stuff I'm thinking about buying. Excellent choice on the C&B couch! Way superior.


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