Sofa Hunt.

S and I popped over to the Towson Mall on Saturday night to check out a few sofa options we liked online at Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel.

After much test-sitting, our agreed-upon favorite was the Oasis Sofa from Crate & Barrel. The pillow arrangement in this photo looks a little stupid, but in person the sofa is so inviting and casual and DEEP. The dimensions are 85"W x 42"D x 31"H. We sat on it for a good 10 minutes mulling over its merits, and we would've sat for longer if the clerk hadn't interrupted to tell us the store was closing.

Some people don't like super deep sofas, but we are not those people. If I would agree to it, S would get two chaise lounges, push them together and call it a sofa. I also like the narrow arms on this model. A lot of the deeper slipcovered sofas we've seen, like the PB Comfort Square Arm, have these huge fat arms that make them look too boxy. This one had the best combination of features without looking out of proportion.

Though at $2,200 the Oasis is a good bit pricier than we want to pay, we were happy to find a style that we both like. That is truly half the battle at least. Now the task is to look around at outlet centers, local stores and other less expensive places to see if we can find something similar at a lower price. I'd like to see some other fabric options as well, as this C&B version is only available in a heavy linen. (I'm not totally anti-linen at this point, but I like options.)

So, now that we have the style narrowed down, I think we're one step closer to a comfy living room. Progress is good.

Another development that is scheduled to happen this week is having a local stairs manufacturer build our mini-staircase to lead from the living room to the dining room. (These are the same guys who built our main staircase as well.) This project was going to wait until later, but installing these stairs is going to be critical to solving our frozen pipe problems. S's dad, a plumber, has determined that the pipe that keeps freezing needs to be moved altogether or it will just keep happening. The stairs need to be installed before the pipe can be moved. So the stairs have become a priority, and that's that. I'll keep you posted!


  1. EK:

    Intriguing dilemma you have there, what with all the freezing and pipes and what-not. I'm struggling to understand how interior steps can be involved. Please explain. (We don't have cable TV)


  2. Mel, I don't know all the details of the pipe freezing issue, but it's actually a fairly simple reason as to why the steps are involved. The pipe needs to be rerouted in the vicinity of the steps, so we need to have them in place to know exactly where we can run the pipe so neither will interfere with the other. It's not a huge rerouting job; the steps just happen to be right next to the problem area. Does that make more sense kinda?

  3. We got our pottery barn sofa on Ebay for half the price (including shipping) than it sold for at PB. Happy hunting!


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