Happy Valentine's Day!

I was listening to Pandora this morning and this ad really cracked me up:

I blacked out the zip code and name of our town, because it's SO SMALL you could drive around and find our house in a matter of minutes. What you would absolutely not find are moderately attractive single men, especially a selection of ones that all list "camping, cooking and travel" as their primary interests. (Okay, so camping maybe...) Our "town" has a population of less than a thousand and it's mostly families, so a single dude would be signing up for a lifetime of boredom and disappointment if he decided to move out here. These guys would need so much more dirt under their fingernails to be realistic bachelors around these parts.

If I were a single gal living in this town, this ad would be depressing. Not the outcome that match.com was going for, I hope.

With today being Valentine's Day, I have to say I am one lucky lady. S is an incredibly thoughtful, dedicated and supportive husband. I don't think I bring half the value to his life that he does to mine. I need to work on that. Is there such a thing as a Valentine's Day Resolution? If so, sign me up! I'm tired of him making me look bad. Much love to my valentine. ♥

Have a happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I've got some exciting updates coming this week, so stay tuned!

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