New Living Room Stairs

This may not be very exciting to you, but I'm pumped that the new stairs (mentioned in this post) are here! (Progress is progress.)

Hooray! These will be installed in the front corner of the living room (where the fridge currently is) and will lead up into the dining room. FYI the pink blanket behind the fridge is blocking off the doorway to keep the cold and the wild animals from creeping into the living room.

I'd also like to point out how happy I am that the stair risers are pre-primed! Our main living room staircase was all raw oak, and I had to do all of the staining and painting myself. So tedious, and difficult to maintain that many perfectly straight lines between black and white surfaces. The pre-primed situation will save so much time and effort! And for less than $200, too. Not a bad price, considering we're not math-smart enough to build custom stairs ourselves.

Baby steps, as they say!

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