Well blow me down...

FYI that's a quote from Popeye, who is of course one of S's favorite cartoon characters (he has several). 

After two days of unseasonably warm and wonderful weather last week, it was brutally cold and windy this weekend. Our mailbox blew over (it spends more time horizontal than vertical, let's be honest), and we found this in the yard:

Yes, that is a lifetime-guaranteed architectural shingle from our 2-year-old roof. Infuriating, to say the least, but I am grateful that the rest of the house is still standing. Tonight we're looking at 5-8 more inches of snow, which I find insulting considering that heavenly little taste of spring we just had.

I'm sorry this is such a lame, boring post. I have a bunch of new (better) things to post, but I either haven't taken pictures or I've been too scattered to put my brains to use outside of work. Let's blame it on the fact that it's February, shall we? 

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  1. Oy, that is frustrating. I take it that your roof is under warranty? It's been a really hard winter,and lots of things are suffering. I've been struggling to find the motivation to get things done too. But I am looking forward to your posts when you feel like working on them! :-) PS Only 26 more days till spring!


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