Saddle Blanket Rug

I've mentioned before that I liked the idea of using a horse blanket as a rug (with a rug pad underneath, of course. Safety first!)

If our little one would turn out to be of the female variety, I would really like this one for the nursery:
This is the Mayatex Riverland Wool Western Saddle Pup Blanket, $50 at Amazon. It's about 3'x3', and you could even sew 2 together to make a larger one. Admittedly it's a little pricier than the ones at our favorite Amish dry goods store, but it's also much prettier. (Heaven help me, but I have always loved purple.)

Thoughts on the whole horse-blanket-as-rug idea? Love or hate?


  1. It's maybe a little out there for me, but I think you could make it work. Your taste is braver than mine!

  2. Anonymous, I hope that's not a bad thing. :-) I know my style is not always normal.

  3. What a creative idea! I look forward to the day my husband and I can afford (time and money) to restore the old family farmhouse we have. With horse/saddle blankets, I always think functionality...Will keep this decorative idea in mind! Thanks


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