New Project.

A few of you have emailed me over the past couple weeks asking for updates on the house, the kitchen, life, etc., since I've apparently been slacking off in the posting department. Rest assured that while posting may have been light, productivity has not!

The fact is, I've been very busy working on a new project. I am building, from scratch, a human being. That's right--we've got a new little person in the making. (Estimated time of completion: late August.) Overall I've been feeling quite well, but 12 hour work days plus baby manufacturing equals little energy for blogging. But my energy is returning, mostly, and a few glimpses of nicer weather have helped too.

Adding a baby to this funhouse was not particularly part of the plan yet, but we're pretty excited. We may have no kitchen, no laundry room and half a house still to finish, but I'm feeling very chill about the whole thing. Truly. These things aren't really what makes a happy home. Plus, we love kids but aren't the types to geek out over stuff like this. S and I were talking the other day and I said, "Can you believe that in a few months we'll have a real live baby living with us?" And his response was, "I know--we'll have to buy it kibbles and change its water and everything."

So that's kind of how we're approaching things -- just going with the flow and enjoying life. It's starting to get very exciting around here though, as we hurry to get things done by the end of the summer. Some appointments with contractors have been set up, and we're ready to get things rolling. We hope you'll follow along!

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  1. Wow! Congratulations! So excited for you guys, you're going to be great parents. :-)

  2. YAY! I'm so happy for you! That's definitely a huge project.

  3. EK,S & ?

    Wow ! What a surprise ! ;o)
    You've had me going through withdrawals where your house progress is concerned. I am pleased
    about your little E or S too. Kids are great.
    Bring them up in the Lord and they will not disappoint you.

    Dad to 6, Grandpa to 3

  4. Congrats! It is exhausting. I am due in September (shhh!) and I have never been so tired in my life.

  5. Congratulations! How awesome. I predict it will be your best DIY ever.

  6. S's response is hilarious. Can't wait for the melding of belly pictures and tools!

  7. Thanks guys!

    MEGHAN-- Congrats!!!!!!! I remember from your blog that you were trying. I hope everything is going well!!!!!! Yay!

  8. Whoa! You are definitely going to need to get that kitchen finished. I admire your ambition, undertaking two construction projects at once. Congratulations!

  9. Hey Emily,
    I found you through a comment of yours, on an ages old post on doorsixteen.com where favorite blogs were being shared left & right. I clicked on yours and I just wanted to say that I'm a fan! You may not hear from me a lot (I'm a non-commenter) but just know you'll be in my Google Reader :)
    And congrats!!


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