Renovation, Baby

FYI I do not intend to let baby stuff take over this blog, since I know that's not why most of you read along. Admittedly though, not much else exciting has happened around the house lately since S and I have both been crazy workaholics. (Finishing up the kitchen plumbing groundwork is on the agenda for the weekend though!)

But -- BUT -- I found a website today that describes fetal growth in "man terms" (check it out here) -- and I really couldn't resist sharing with you that, currently, our little blessing is the size of a stud finder. That's right. Our little stud finder! Now they're speaking our language.

I hope our kid ends up being as useful as a stud finder too! My grandma had a little motto that we're planning to implement around here: "If you don't work, you don't eat." Instead of a silver spoon in its mouth, our kid will be born with a nail set.

Just kidding.

In other news, I am going to need a wheelbarrow to haul my belly around by the time August gets here.

UPDATE: I added the link to the man-friendly baby sizing website (here). I have to warn you that it's a little crude, but only a bit. 

Stud finder image from Lowe's.


  1. Ahhh Katie a baby bump picture :) Oh how I love this so... I remember being in exactly the same spot that you are. It goes by SO quickly... although maybe I wouldn't jump to say that if I were actually pregnant 40 weeks! You look beautiful as always and baby E is perfectly the right size! I am using a lot of "!" because seeing you pregnant is pretty exciting for me. Seeing as I just went through all of this mama drama, I'm here for you if you ever need someone!

  2. you've GOT to post a link to the website!

  3. Well you're just adorable. And I love that Baby3820 is comparable to a stud finder. I'm definitely going to have to use that website when I get pregnant!

  4. Your baby bump is cute. I, for one, want to keep seeing updates. Love the site too. My co-worker and I had a good laugh.


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