Slate Dining Room Floor.

Back in December I mentioned that I liked the idea of installing slate tile all throughout the entryway and the dining room (instead of trying to transition slate in the entryway to hardwood in the dining room without it looking awkward or breaking up the flow). Well, S forgot about this idea for awhile, then brought it up again the other day -- "What do you think about putting slate all through the entryway and dining room?"

Yes! I love when things come full circle.

The photo above is what caught his attention. Slate flooring can look stark, but we like the idea because these rooms are in the original log section of the house--so it will already be heavy on the wood. Adding a wooden dining table/chairs and hardwood floors could be just too much wood. Slate really seems like it could work, offsetting the rustic log walls in just the right way.

Here are some other images that I think confirm our choice, and I plan to add more when I stumble across them:

Thinking about the other (currently unused) side of the house gets me so excited. It's really going to have the nicest rooms. The other side has the original brick chimneys and fireplaces, log walls, etc. -- all the reasons why we bought this house. I can't wait until we actually get to enjoy them.

Image sources:
1. Designer Shawn Henderson via desiretoinspire
2. Feldman Architecture Inc. via houzz
3. Les Duves hotel in Belgium via remodelista
4. Kaweah Falls designed by Frank Lloyd Wright student Frank Robert
5. Salvinia Lodge in Poland via remodelista


  1. I love the slate floors. I especially loved the entry photo you posted months ago - I have that saved in our future home folder. :)

  2. EK:

    A slate floor will make clean-up easy, what with baby coming and all. Are you planning large (18") squares or small? (4 - 12")

  3. Slate sounds like it will go nicely. :-) I like it!

  4. Jen- I love that photo too, and that entry was designed by the same guy who designed the first dining room image above.

    Mel- Ideally we would love to do large tiles, but haven't priced it all out yet.


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