April Showers bring...

1. Disappointment (because no concrete was poured this week--yet anyway.)

2. Shame (because this is what the front of our house and yard currently look like. It's pretty much a daily embarrassment. There is so much work to do I laugh just thinking of it.)

3. Shock and awe (because this is what my belly looks like at 21 weeks. I cannot even fathom what it's going to look like after 19 more weeks!)

So that sums up this week so far. Though yesterday was disappointing because the rain precluded the concrete pour, today was actually worse. Today--after 2 months of feeling good--I had queasiness and exhaustion like I was in my first trimester again. And still it poured rain instead of concrete.

But the sun'll come out tomorrow... or so that inept weatherman says. If he's wrong, he's going to have one angry (and simultaneously hungry and nauseated) pregnant lady to answer to!


  1. Oh my God - I think your baby bump might be the cutest thing I've seen all day. And hang in there - the sun will come out tomorrow! Or else Annie is a liar. :)

  2. Katie- that is the tiniest 21 week prego belly I have EVER seen!

  3. Thanks Jen! (And yes, fortunately it did turn out to be sunny today, or I'd have been forced to call that Annie a lying hussy!)

    Linds-- Really? It doesn't feel small when I try to get out of bed in the morning (ouch!), or when I put on pants. I haven't been comparing with anyone though. Maybe it doesn't look very big because I have grown a lot in, um, other places.

  4. Oh Lord have mercy girl- skinny britches! That bump is just adorable.. and to think of that little angel curled up inside just makes anyone smile! I know those "ouch" feelings all too well... and just all around wonderful feelings of discomfort! I hope you are getting some rest physically and emotionally and most of all- I hope TODAY, nay... RIGHT now is a good moment for ya!

  5. Warms the heart to see evidence of the little one growing. And don't modern maternity fashions just add to the overall cuteness? Not so very long ago, when you were at the same stage of development as your little daughter, our maternity fashions were something else altogether. With the addition of a few flexible poles, we could have repurposed them as beach cabanas. --Mom

  6. How stinkin' cute are you? Love your facial expression.

    Bummer about the rain! Hope you get to pour concrete soon.

  7. Thanks Linds! I do feel significantly better today, thankfully.

    Mom, those tentlike fashions sound so comfy though, and that's what matters (to me)! I've tried on maternity pants but haven't bought any yet--they weren't very comfortable, and my regular pants still fit with the belly band. I'm sure as she and I both grow I'm going to have to expand the wardrobe some more. Though the clothes I'll be buying for her will be way cuter than what I'm buying for myself!

  8. Emily Kate:

    Just in time. Here comes more rain.

    You been eatin'?

  9. Okay, so I have been meaning to comment on like 500 of your posts, but I am always swamped and somehow forget to do it. Alas, I am finally doing it!

    I absolutely love reading about the progress on your home! You are just so adorable and have an amazing sense of style. It's fun to see what you are up to in your life as I just follow along :)

    Congrats on the baby bump!! I'm so excited for you! My how time has flown by since we were kids running around the front lawn of CMA. Lots of love ...


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