Concrete Evidence

Thursday was sunny and gorgeous--the perfect day for concrete!

Yep, it finally happened! The birdies were singing just for us. I snapped these photos on my lunch break on Thursday, just a few minutes after the concrete truck left. Obviously I could only get limited angles, because it was still wet and I couldn't walk on it!

As you can see from the Before/After picture above, the foundation is finally tied into the structure itself--finally making this side of the house more structurally sound. (Part of this section was not originally built on any foundation--genius.)

This may not look very exciting to you, but we're so thrilled to have crossed this off the list. (Note: the white pipe in the middle of the floor will be a floor drain. The white square along the right hand wall is the drain for the sink.)

And even more excitement went down this weekend too: our carpenter Rick came on Saturday and gave us the rundown of lumber and supplies we need to buy. He will get started building the front wall, installing the 2nd floor joists and reinforcing the other walls in two weeks. We try to do as much of the work ourselves for this renovation, but we trust the structural stuff to experts who can do it much better and faster than we can.

I am pretty thankful that this finally happened, despite the delays. We've gotten an intense amount of rain this spring, and Thursday was the only day the concrete truck could come in basically the past two weeks. He almost didn't make it out of the yard, as these lovely tracks show:

And Saturday we had a crazy storm complete with power outages and tornadoes touching down around the neighborhood. So, though we're like a year behind schedule, I'm happy that things are moving forward despite the speed bumps along the way. Hopefully the updates will get more exciting and more frequent really soon!


  1. This is exciting progress! I'm so happy for you guys. Now you can really go to town on the kitchen. I have a question after seeing the inside picture above: Is the kitchen going to be open like it is there, or is there going to be the 2nd floor above? Just curious :)

    Hope everything is going well with Baby E.

  2. Emily kate:

    Super nice. Happy to see it.


  3. Lace, yes there will be a floor above the kitchen. (It will be our laundry room and master closet.) I kind of wish the kitchen could be open with really high ceilings, but the extra storage and laundry space will be extremely helpful!

    Since there was no foundation under part of the kitchen, things settled over the course of 100 years and we had to rip the old 2nd floor joists out because they were so warped and bowed. We have new ones that our carpenter will put in for us soon, hopefully!

  4. Fantastic. And I must comment that you look adorably tiny in your bump photo. Perfectly adorable.

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