Doing the anti-rain dance.

The cement truck is scheduled to come tomorrow. Please pray for clear skies so we can finally pour our kitchen floor!

When we made the appointment last week there wasn't a cloud in the forecast. Now we're looking at a 70% chance of rain and the potential for a stuck truck and a postponement. I split the blame 50/50 between the completely inept local meteorologists and our mudhole of a yard. So, though it's making everything lovely and green, I'm anti-rain this week.

In other news, our carpenter (finally) called us back and said he can only work weekends. With the crummy economy, he had to take work under a larger firm because he wasn't getting enough work through his personal business. But, the good news is that he still wants to work for us -- and that is a huge relief. We love him and his work, despite the fact that he shows a lot of crack 100% of the time. He's gotten us this far with all the structural work we've had to do, and we'd love for him to help us get the rest of the way.

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