I might be getting a new painting

Confession: I kind of forgot I had a blog. Thankfully there are people in my life to point these things out to me. (Thanks Veronica!) And fortunately something fun happened today that I can share!  

This morning my favorite painter (and dear friend) Hope posted a photo of one of her old paintings on Facebook with the caption, "Anybody want this weird painting I made of a barn 4 years ago???"

I do, I do! And luckily I was the first commenter: "If no one else claims it, I'll take it! I love your arts! And barns."

S, who must have been typing his comment at the exact same time, was actually the runner-up commenter just mere seconds later: "I like it. If Emily hasn't claimed it yet, I'll throw my hat in the ring."

Yes, we're in synch like that sometimes... it's probably why we're still married after all these house renovating adventures. But Hope said it's coming our way, so we're hoping it makes it! (If one of her family members or an exceptionally cute boy expresses interest in the meantime though, I will gladly concede.) If you recall, Hope painted another piece that we already have in our house. If I have my way, this wouldn't be the last one we get either. I love original art, especially when it's made by friends and family members.

In other news, Rick (the carpenter) is coming tomorrow and Sunday to start framing up the kitchen. I can't wait to see how much he gets finished! If I remember (don't worry, I'll remember) I will keep you posted!


  1. Oh, do you have a post? I hadn't noticed - NOT!
    I only check it twice each day with unfleeting hopes of progress on your log home. ;o)

    Nice painting, bold color. It will require a frame of unfinished, rough sawn poplar.

  2. I love you and S did that :) Love the painting! It's going to look SO perfect in your house!!

  3. I LOVE IT! Why don't I have talented friends who want to give me things? :-(


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