Quick Updates

This week is shaping up better than last week for the most part, thankfully, but our lives seem to only get busier. So, my apologies that I'm lapsing back into my lax blog-keeping ways!

But, because I like you, here are a few quick updates to whet your appetite:

1. Our new couch arrived last Thursday! It is perfection. With the back cushions on, it's great for sitting and lounging and reading; with the back cushions off, it's like a cushy bed with ample snuggling room for the whole family. Any time we're not sitting on it, we wish we were.

2. It's been raining like crazy. So we haven't poured any concrete in the kitchen yet. (I know. I know.) The concrete truck has to pull into our front yard, which is just dirt/mud right now. If it keeps raining the way it has been, the truck will get stuck and it will be a disaster. Here's hoping these April showers give us a break this week!

3. I have a beautiful giveaway coming up! Get your entering fingers ready. Something pretty is coming your way.

4. I think I've settled on nursery colors. I'm not planning to do much crazy nursery decorating, but I'm thinking of having Etsy seller southerncharmquilts make this quilt for me, baby sized. (Or maybe I could buy the fabric and have my aunt make it. We'll see.) Whatever I end up doing, I just love these deep purple, coral-y orange and pale rosy pink colors and how these fabrics aren't overly modern (or babyish):

As you may have guessed, these colors can only mean one thing. That's right, friends -- we're having a GIRL! And we love her to pieces already. Like I said, we're not planning to go crazy putting a fancy nursery together quite yet. (We kinda want to meet her first and see what we really need.) And I know this is not exactly dye free, but I do have my heart set on getting her a pretty quilt. And this one is so pretty, right?

So those are the updates for now. Happy Wednesday, one and all!


  1. ooo... I really like those colors together - I'd have never thought of the combo.

  2. congrats on the little girl! Love that quilt - such pretty colors

  3. How fantastic - a little girl! I love the colors and the quilt. the new couch is going to look great as well!

    Hope the rain holds off long enough to get some work done - though we're having the same thing right now and it sure is making everything lovely and green again!

  4. A girl! I can't wait to find out. I had been indifferent to finding out and now I cannot wait.

  5. Meghan, I was totally against finding out -- until S convinced me otherwise. Then I couldn't wait! It was such a sweet day. I will have to post the story.


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