Wanted: Penguin Threads

Penguin Classics are really outdoing themselves these days. I'm still trying to grow my collection of the Clothbound Classics, which make me so happy both on the shelf and when I'm reading them.

Now I see they are coming out with a new set of covers by illustrator Jilliam Tamaki. She actually designed and then embroidered the covers of The Secret Garden, Black Beauty and Emma. All of which I'm sure my daughter desperately wants for Christmas. (Don't you think?)

The release date is October 2011. According to Jillian's blog, "They will NOT be individual embroidered objects. I’m not really sure how that would be possible without making the final product exorbitantly expensive. They will, however, be beautifully produced, printed with a sculptural-embossing technique that will emphasize the stitches. They will be tactile objects."

Such a cool idea! I'm curious to see how much they'll cost. (The clothbound classics are very reasonable at about $10-$14 each at Amazon.) You can read more about the project and see the Emma cover as well as photos of the production process on Jillian's blog.


  1. Saw this yesterday. They are so pretty. It will be neat to see how they look if they are not actually embroidered

  2. These are so beautiful! And yes.. I think your DAUGHTER (love how that sounds) will need them for Christmas :)


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