Baby Quilt Fabrics

Remember this quilt I loved from etsy?

Just as I was getting up the nerve to splurge for it (I'm a bit of a cheapskate), S's mom asked what I was going to do for the nursery bedding -- and she volunteered to make a quilt if I wanted one! (I had debated about asking her or another talented family member, but decided it was a lot to ask.) I'm so excited that she volunteered -- how extra special will this quilt, made with love by her grandmother, be for our little chickadee?

So this week we went to the craft store to pick out the fabrics. (Pardon the awful cellphone picture -- my camera battery died after taking so many pictures of our niece over the weekend!)

I know you can't see the details or exact colors well, but we went with a similar purple/coral/dusty pink color scheme as the etsy quilt, and we found a somewhat crazy mix of 8 modern, floral and traditional prints that, together, gave it that sort of coordinated yet wild and bohemian look I liked. The large floral pattern on the left was really the find that brought it all together. (You'll see!)

I can't wait to see the finished product. I'm even more excited about this quilt than the prospect of the etsy version. I just hope the baby likes it as much as I do, and eventually grows to appreciate that it was handmade just for her.

Does anyone have any special heirlooms or handmade-with-love items from their childhood?


  1. My mom knits and I cannot wait to dress the little one in all of her lovingly made creations.

    This quilt will be an heirloom and that is an amazing thing.

  2. My mom made a quilt for me before I was born. It stayed on my bed through college and joined my new home after getting married. I want to do the same thing for my future children. Quilts are such a lovely heirloom!


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