Two loads of stones were delivered this morning to start filling in the new driveway, which is also a critical part of our erosion plan. We're still working on the circular shape and the arm extending down to the garage, but we're getting there.

For newer readers, I should explain that the original driveway approached the house from the side/rear and cut a deep rut straight across the front yard down into the garage -- not the most effective way to create curb appeal (or access the house's entrance). Over the course of two years, tons (literally) of dirt have been moved around, the deep rut was filled in and a new driveway began to take shape.

It doesn't look like much right now and it's not the most exciting thing to blog about, but we feel it's a definite improvement and a sign of progress. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Home improvement is not always (or often) exciting and glamorous!

But crossing off the dirty, boring jobs means you're one step closer to getting to the fun stuff. And that feels good.


  1. I hear you on the dirty jobs. I live for the day when we start the "fun" part of the basement remodel. :-) How long do you have to wait until you can blacktop - if you plan to do so?

  2. Unfortunately blacktop will probably be years down the road... we have a lot of other things that need attention and money thrown at them first, and that will be an expensive project because the driveway is very long. Maybe it'll be our 50th wedding anniversary present to ourselves. :-)

    We do have to have a blacktop "apron" where the driveway meets the road, and that will be happening soon -- basically as soon as the inspector comes and approves where we are now.

    In the meantime we are looking at different options for stone in the driveway, one of which is pea gravel. (What is there now is essentially a base layer.) Pricing will determine what we end up going with, as with most things!

  3. Emily, I hear it's better long term any ways to not pour your blacktop right away, at least in our area. You are supposed to wait two to three years. I personally prefer concrete, and dream of blowing all our money on ripping out our blacktop and installing a beautiful concrete drive. :-)


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