Look, Ma...

No stilts!

While S and I were in Texas over the weekend (meeting our sweet 7-week-old niece for the first time), our carpenter Rick came and started working on the kitchen framing. When we got back, we were amazed to discover that he had replaced the entire front kitchen wall!

The embarrassing stilts are gone, we finally have only one front door instead of two, and our front kitchen window is in! (Note: There will also be windows in the top floor, but they haven't been installed yet.)

Here's what it looked like just a few days ago:

What a difference! Though the yard is now littered with debris, things are looking better overall--even on this chilly, rainy day. Every bit of progress feels good right now, even if we're not the ones making it.

Since I just got home from a too-short, exhausting trip (which just this morning included extremely long/slow lines that made me miss breakfast, enduring the rather humiliating full-body security pat-down, then sprinting through DFW while 6 months pregnant to just barely make my flight...) I'm going to go relax and recover. But rest assured I'll be over here smiling, because sweet baby niece + house progress = awesome weekend.


  1. what a huge difference! I can now fully see the potential in how awesome your home will be when it's finished - it's all tying together! Isn't it great when one weekend can change everything?
    can't wait to see your kitchen!

  2. Emily Kate:

    A wonderful improvement! Much cleaner looking. (not the yard)
    You must be excited and I wouldn't blame you.

  3. WOW! What a nice thing to come home to.


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