Spring Break

For those of you who haven't abandoned this blog yet due to my negligence, I'm back! Thanks to all who expressed concern -- all is well with us. We were just relaxing in Aruba for the past week, enjoying our last vacation before the baby arrives this summer. I had planned to check in during the trip to say hello, but I ended up completely unplugging from my phone and computer. I missed you all, but it was wonderful.

Unfortunately my camera is temporarily out of commission -- the battery no longer recharges -- so these two photos from S's iphone are pretty much all I have from the trip. (Above: early morning coffee on the balcony overlooking the ocean.)

Above is our favorite spot on the island -- the natural pool. The ocean waves break over a rock wall, leaving a deep, enclosed pool full of beautiful tropical fish. When the sun is fully shining, the water in the pool is clear Caribbean blue. While we were there, two local guys pulled a smallish squid from the pool and were planning to take it home for dinner.

You can only get there via horse or Jeep, and it's quite a rough and circuitous offroading experience. It was an arduous trek in my delicate state, but I squatted on the seat and used my legs for shock absorption -- and we survived just fine! I went only once (I didn't want to press my luck a second time) but S and the guys went back another day. If we could have, S and I would've spent the majority of the vacation here, or exploring the offroading trails and the undeveloped side of the island. But sitting by the pool, swimming in the ocean and devouring books was a pretty fantastic time too!

Admittedly though, it's nice to be home. Updates on the house coming soon. I hope you all had a great week -- did I miss anything?

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  1. So glad you had a relaxing time. I love the first picture. Aren't the Divi trees awesome?! Jas and I want to go back sometime. We really loved Aruba. Were there Blue Parrot fish in the natural pool? That's what we swam with at De Palm Island. I can't wait to see more pictures and hear more about it!


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