Just when you think you're progressing...

This morning I got up and did my usual daily routine -- brushed my teeth, got undressed, turned on the shower. Then things took an interesting turn. As soon as I opened the shower curtain to step inside, the water suddenly shut off. My brow rumpled as I held my hand under the still faucet just like the countless movie characters who have experienced this same phenomenon in the name of comedy. (Fortunately, unlike them, I wasn't covered in soap yet.) Perplexed, I turned on the sink to see if it worked. It didn't.

I had seen my father-in-law's truck outside earlier, so I knew he had been there gathering his tools from the weekend. So I called him, hoping he had been messing around with the plumbing. He hadn't. His best guess was that the carpenter accidentally damaged the electric line to the well pump when he was framing up the kitchen over the weekend, so that when the supply in the tank ran out, the pump couldn't turn back on to give us more water. It's funny -- we just a ton of rain and flooding, yet we have no water once again.

Two steps forward, one step back. S's dad thinks he'll be able to fix it today though, so hopefully we'll be back in business soon. (And fortunately they live close, so I showered at their house this morning.)

The moral of this story, and perhaps of this entire blog: Don't take on a major renovation if you don't like continual inconvenience!

I am pretty used to this stuff by now, so I don't get too worked up about these things anymore. All you can do is laugh. I just hope I am this nonchalant once the baby arrives. If my daughter is anything like her sweet, easygoing (and adorable) cousin, I think I won't be able to help smiling through the frustration.

This precious baby loved her Uncle S, and the feeling was mutual. (That's a huge smile on the right -- not a scream.) Makes me even more excited to meet our little girl in a couple months! Hopefully by then the house will be mostly (and consistently) functional and will not fall in on her little head.


  1. AnonymousMay 03, 2011

    Now that is sweet! (The baby not the water problems!)


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