Grow baby grow!

With 11 weeks to go, turning to the side is no longer the best way for me to squeeze through tight spaces. These days I face things head-on.

I have been feeling the nesting instinct a little stronger lately, so we bought a crib on Sunday afternoon. (We didn't buy the mattress yet though, so we're still fairly useless as parents.) We'll pull the rest of the major things together over the coming weeks.

I am trying to be very calm and easygoing about everything we need to finish by the time the baby arrives. Here's what I see as the absolute necessities:
  • Buy the baby basics (crib/bedding, car seat, diapers, etc.) Take care of smaller details as needed.
  • Have electric and heating/cooling ducts installed in kitchen/laundry rooms
  • Get the washer and dryer installed and functioning
I had started making the list much longer -- including pouring the final concrete kitchen floor, installing the kitchen sink, etc. -- but I really think we can live without the kitchen for a little while longer if we must. The goal is to have it functioning (though probably not 100% finished) by the baby's arrival, but I'm not going to freak out if it's not.

I don't even care if the laundry room is insulated or has real walls at this point -- just please, Lord, let me have a washing machine!


  1. you are looking more and more adorable with each passing week! And what a laid back mom-to-be that you say "we can live without a kitchen for a little while longer..." ha ha. i love that.

  2. You look great first off!! Secondly we didn't get around to buying a mattress that actually "fit" the crib until the day I went into labor. I had felt a little funny that morning and was like we better go buy this kid a bed! I was two weeks early but still we were pushing it. So you still have 9 weeks before you need a mattress!! That time does sure fly though!

  3. Thanks Jen! I don't know if you can truly "try" to be laid back, but I am trying!

    Stephanie, thanks for the kind compliment AND for the story about your crib -- I feel better knowing someone else wasn't totally ready months in advance either!

  4. Well, with a baby and no help around the house. I, I, too, would freak out without a washing machine. I hope you do have help inside the house when the baby comes. They are not just there to help you out but it would be good for you too to have someone to rant to. (lol) Just kidding! When that baby comes out, you wouldn't want to be parted from that bundle of joy.


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