Just my style.

So far I have mostly used my Pinterest account to save and organize ideas for the nursery. I really haven't (yet!) gotten as addicted to the whole Pinterest phenomenon as some people are, so yesterday I noticed that I had only two little rooms on my "Favorite Spaces" pinboard.

Yet those two rooms were so similar that I couldn't help but learn something about myself.

This first room I've had in my inspiration file for about 3 years now, and I've posted it on here before. Oh, how I wish I had an enclosed patio or little garden porch with windows all over the place! I would want it to look just like this. I also wish I knew the name of that perfect shade of grey-blue-green on the trim.

Image via sandboxstudio

The second room on the pinboard I saw on Design*Sponge just last week. It's a little more modern and more pensive than the one above, but do you notice the distinct similarities?

White wood panelling, natural wood, rustic accents and a hint of turquoise. And giant glass demijohns everywhere! One for every surface! (I think I am actually one of the few people with a "shelter" blog that doesn't have a huge demijohn sitting somewhere in my house -- looks like I have something new to look for on craigslist if I'm going to fit in!)

Sometimes I think my taste is a bit scattered and that I need to hone it a little... but it looks like it might be a bit more developed than I realized! As our house develops I am interested to see how this look materializes.  

What about you guys? Are you on Pinterest? Do you have a distinct look that you keep coming back to? Do you have a giant glass demijohn?


  1. I'm not on Pinterest but going through my files I found over and over the same all white rooms, not too modern but also not shabby, more rustic, industrial, etc.

  2. I don't have a giant demijohn. but i think they are cool. :)
    and yes, I have found myself pinning a lot of things that look the same. That's one nice thing about Pinterest - it's helping me figure out my style. :)

  3. I've loved that first picture ever since you posted it the first time. I'm always drawn to blue/turquoise glass when I'm out shopping. I never knew those were called demijohns...ya learn something everyday! We love love love our sunroom/patio, but have no idea how to decorate it because 3 sides are sliding glass doors. Hopefully we get inspired from a little research.

    Im like you in regards to having a "scattered" decorating style. I like so many different things, and it never works out when i try to incorporate them all together. I need to get my act together!

    I do however believe youre on to something!

  4. Is it wierd that I didn't even know they were called demijohns? Huh... learned something new.

    I love the white plank walls.


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