Another in-progress project happening at 3820: priming the front and back of the wood siding for the kitchen section. (That would be that whole dingy gray section that really looks like it could use some new siding.) FYI S is handling all this by himself, because it is some smelly stuff. This wood will be turned into board and batten, just like what you see on the back of the house.

In just a few weeks, after some additional structural work and new window installation, we will be ready to have this siding put up. The whole house, aside from the exposed log, will then be painted a rich barn red. (We're using Sherwin Williams Crabby Apple. Great name, right?)

I am beyond excited about the siding -- once it's up, the house will finally start making sense and looking unified. (I say that a lot, don't I?) Even if we don't get around to painting it right away (though I really hope we do!), it will still have a big impact. We've gone through many stages of wonk, and the siding will be proof to the neighborhood that we're finally coming out of it.

We've actually been pretty fortunate that our neighbors haven't complained too much over the past 2.5 years through all of this. I don't think all neighborhoods would be quite this understanding. They do ask questions and some are even occasionally quite helpful, though we can tell most of them think we're nuts.

I've had some readers who have left comments suggesting that they think we're nuts too, but they don't tend to stick around very long. Thanks to all of you who have been loyal and cheered us on throughout this process! Crazy people need friends too.

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  1. It's looking so great! Cannot wait to see it painted! As for people that think you're crazy...they just don't have the vision of what it WILL look like! People think the same about the house we just bought. :)


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