We saw our first sprouts of grass in our front yard on Friday afternoon, just shy of two weeks after planting the seed. It was incredibly hot here last week, so we were afraid the seeds would scorch and not come up at all. We were diligent about watering though, especially on the hottest 100+ degree days, and it paid off!

Watching grass grow may be generally believed to be one of life's most tedious activities, but I have to admit we were pretty excited to see those first shoots coming up! We may have even stood there for a good 15 minutes admiring it.

So it looks like we are 2-for-2 with Pennington Smart Seed (and Pennington Lawn Starter Fertilizer), so now we will definitely plan to use it for other parts of the yard that still need seeding. I love it when things work out on the first try, as planned!

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