Curb appeal progress.

Notice anything different and/or fantastic about these pictures?

The board and batten siding started going up over the weekend on the bottom half of the kitchen. We had to get the siding at least started on the bottom half so our new electrical box can be installed. We are still waiting for the top floor windows to arrive, so we won't be able to finish putting up the siding until those are installed.

Also, the new brick front porch has also been in progress over the past week or so! I'll write a separate post once it's finished, which should be really soon. The brick itself is so beautiful -- it matches the chimneys.

The porch is a bit narrower than I originally wanted (due to budget constraints), but now that it's up I actually think it's going to look great once it's all finished.

The roof is not a priority at this point, but here's the newest rough Sketchup of the plan.The roof will break up the lines a bit and give the entrance some extra dimension. And yes, there will be railings -- we just haven't gotten that far yet.

We are getting closer! The summer is flying by though. Only 4-7 weeks left of this crazy pace before the baby arrives! We're so excited and exhausted already. ☺


  1. Emily Kate:

    Do I notice anything different and/or fantastic about these pictures? Aaaah let me see, .... There's the drain pipes, the ladders. The burn barrel and bare dirt. Nope I can't see anything different, give me a hint. Oh wait! I DO notice so fantistic progress, is that it?

    Have you been up the stairs, and gone in through the front door yet? The porch adds a much-needed anchor to the house.

    I happen to like board and Batten very much. Do you see rough-sawn shutters for your windows, or not?

    Question: I see what looks like a 2" PVC coming out the front gable, what is that? Drain vent?

    Thanks for sharing your progress, Mel

  2. Mel, I haven't gone in the front door yet. The stair treads and landing still need to be finished so it's not quite useable yet. Should be done today though!

    Re: Shutters -- haven't decided that far yet! Maybe, maybe not. I guess we'll see what it looks like once everything is up. I'm also envisioning a windowbox with pretty things growing in it. But that's not exactly priority either!

    The PVC pipe was from an old vent. It does nothing now. Whenever S climbs up there and removes the old siding and puts up the new siding, that vent will be gone.


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