Metal Roof Sample

S's dad knows some guy (who knows some guy?) who does specialty roofing projects. We wanted to put a metal roof on the whole house two years ago when the whole thing needed to be replaced, but we ended up going with architectural shingles instead because the quote for metal was almost double what we paid for the house itself. Ha!

Now we're wondering if it would look kind of cool to use metal on just the kitchen bump-out and front porch roofs. So this roofing guy, who had some left over from a commercial job, stopped by to hang a sample to see what we think.

These smaller roofs are sort of "accent" pieces of the house, which is why we're thinking it could work. Also the gutters/spouting we're installing would very likely match the tone of the metal roof, so that would tie it in further... and the garage has a metal roof as well.

What do you think? Do you think it would clash too much with the black architectural roof to have metal on the bump-out and front porch? Or would it add to the house's rustic charm?

Note: We haven't gotten the quote back on how much this would cost, so that is a factor too no matter how good or bad it looks!


  1. I say go for it (budget permitting). It will only add to the eclectic, mismatched overall look of your house :-)

  2. SK:

    (My Cop-out)It's about what you guys like, and not anyone else's opinion.

    (My opinion)You've got brick, stone, Concrete, log and board & batting.
    Now I'm a fan of a corrugated metal roof to be sure. You know this if you've seen our porches, barn and wood rack.
    You DO run the risk of looking like a compilation
    of left-overs, where "rustic" is edged out by back-mountain red-neckery. Hard to say with just pictures from your site.

    (Point #2) "S" can repair roof damage to shingles. Standing seam metal roofs require a few special tools to install and remove for repairs, is "S" into that? (You made the correct choice in not having a metal roof for the house because of the swag in the ridge. Metal and it's unforgiving straightness would have pronounced it greatly.)

    (Point #3) You're trying to tie together a total look, not create a sampler. So, I'd suggest staying with matching shingles, but when in doubt, refer to my cop-out above.


    PS: Sorry Jenny

  3. I'm going back and forth. I love metal roofing - like, love. But I just cannot decide if it will be too much. I'm leaning towards thinking it would be awesome, and would really play off the wood. I know, I'm no help at all. Best of luck!

  4. I'm thinking...go for it, then sometime down the road when you have more money do the rest of the roof. Isn't metal roofing supposed to be more durable anyway, so it would be kind of an investment? More so than shingles that blow off in storms.

    "The Code Is The Code" has a point, though. But I think "back-mountain red-neckery" doesn't really apply to big, beautiful, well-proportioned houses that are obviously well cared-for by people blessed to be definitely above the poverty line.

  5. Aesthetics are certainly important, as Mel points out. Another thing to consider is energy and longevity, however. In addition to having a longer life span, metal roofs can be more energy efficient than traditional roofs, and may qualify for a tax credit. Good luck.

  6. I have seen a couple houses like that for sale at antique stores. but i like sample...because i like wood work in little house..thanks for sharing

  7. Metal roofing is also a good choice. It is durable and easy to maintain. If you’re worried if the material would clash with the overall look of your home, what you can do is paint it with a color that would complement the entire home.

  8. I agree with Mary. You can use a color that would perfectly match your home, but keep in mind that functionality should always come first. It should be able to protect you from the harsh sunlight and strong winds, as that is the primary role of our roofs.

  9. I say go for it if your budget permits! I agree with many of the comments above me – you can always get it in a color to match the rest of the roof. I would actually suggest a different color to accentuate the color of your current roof. It would be a nice, unique design on the roof, and it would definitely make the entire house stand out, even from a distance.

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  11. I use metal roofing on my roof. I like it because I can put colors on it. I really like to paint mine red. I'd say you will make a good decision if you go for the metal roof. You'll never gonna regret it ;)

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  14. but we ended up going with architectural shingles instead because the quote for metal was almost double what we paid for the house itself. Ha! new construction roofers


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