Sneak Peek: Kitchen Walls

We had to put up a small portion of actual wall in our kitchen so that the new electrical panel could be installed. We still have some electrical work to do so we aren't ready to close off the other walls, but here's a preview of what's to come:

This is the same wood we're using for the siding. We were going to rip the boards on the tablesaw and go with narrower planks, but honestly the wider board is easier and faster to install and amounts to less waste -- all good things at this point. The wider planks look a little more substantial and rustic too, which I think will play nicely off all of the steel and industrial items that will be filling this space.

Getting there.

(Sorry my posts aren't very creative or witty lately. I'm running ragged but am still excited to share things with you.)

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  1. EK:

    Oooooh Aaaaaaah. That will be nice with the white wash look. Very country looking.



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