Wide, white wood paneling

I've been looking at pictures of wide wood paneling on Pinterest, and I am getting excited for what the kitchen walls will eventually look like.

We do plan to paint it white, which feels clean and bright. I especially love the contrast of the white paneling and stained wood beams in the last image, as we'll have some of that going on in the kitchen too.

White wood paneling seems to be a trend right now, but that doesn't particularly concern me. Our house is kind of unique, so I think it is exempt from certain kinds of judgments about what's popular. At a certain point you just have to go with what works, trendy or not.


  1. Our motto is to do what we love, regardless of whether it is trendy or not. Trends will pass and we will still love our house. I think your walls are gonna look awesome. :-)

  2. So, so gorgeous. We just moved into our new hosue and it is filled to the brim with projects. So excited to see what you do.


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