This is a first: electrical wires in the kitchen! I took this photo early on Monday when the wiring process had just begun. By the end of the day, these two little wires had spawned quite an impressive network of tentacles all through the ceiling and walls. All of the electric for this side of the house (including the master suite, laundry room, dining room, entry and half bath) is coming through the kitchen so it is quite a job. Hopefully it will be finished this weekend.

With all of the recent progress and updates to be excited about, I continue to love this fireplace the most. It really is my favorite thing about the house. I can't wait until I can come into the kitchen at night and enjoy it by the glow of our own electric lights.


  1. Emily Kate:

    Is "S" doing the wiring, or did you hire it out?

    Wheeeeu just look at that cold/hot air coming through the walls. Won't be long now.


  2. That fireplace is marvelous. It is going to make your kitchen. We finished the plumbing in our basement bathroom - woo hoo! Next up - walls!!! :-)


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